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Jeffrey N.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
Jul 20th, 2018
Our dishwasher leaked and flooded our kitchen. Our plumber recommended United Drying to help clean up the mess. David and his team removed my old ruined cabinets and took off a few feet of drywall. They placed fans and dehumidifiers temporaly to dry everything out. He recommended a company to install drywall to replace the damaged drywall while we figure out what to do with replacement cabinets.
Gerry B.
San Diego, CA
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
May 22nd, 2018
Today I posted a review on United drying that was incorrect my apologies to the company I thought they did the demolition to my house removing the tub the concrete and the plaster that caused the damage to my house I'm so sorry I did not mean any thing against your company I was misinformed thinking that you were the people that did this and I'm so sorry this is a very good company they were very quick and coming out putting equipment under my house and taking care of the mold and mildew thank you I'm so sorry I would highly recommend this company to anybody that has water damage from a broken pipe or mildew removal they were very courteous kind and professional I have one problem with their work though was some damage left to the house after they left hardwood floors front door and wall down the stairs but other than that fantastic company did everything they promised I'm happy with the outcome except for that
Caroline K.
Ramona, CA
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
May 21st, 2018
My plumber recommended David and his team to me. So glad he did. We had water damage and contamination in our home and navigating the insurance process along with the repairs has been stressful. David has broken down the process and really helped minimize the stress of this experience. He and his crew are very professional and personable. If you find yourself in a catastrophic event where your house has water damage, call United Drying. You'll be glad you did.
David A.
Temecula, CA
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
May 6th, 2018
The non recommended review is a customer of mine and I worked on their home and restored it. I don't understand why it's not recommended. It's disheartening when you work so hard and actually have a customer who cares enough to express their feelings and to have it looked at so negatively by Yelp. DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.
Danica M.
Lake Elsinore, CA
5 Stars
Posted on Yelp
Apr 19th, 2018
My family and I our going through one of the hardest and most painful times of our life. David and his team showed up and were not only professional but showed us kindness and sympathy when we are faced with so much it is so rare in today's social climate to have people come to work in your home and treat you like you are part of there family. I cannot recommend them enough ,if you want quality work from a company who truly cares I recommend United Drying whole heartedly. Thank you David and your team!

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