Insurance Claims Assistance in Summit County, CO

Insurance Claims Assistance in Summit County, CO

Any time you encounter an emergency in your home, it's usually unexpected and can quickly overwhelm you with the damage. Not only is this an extremely frustrating situation but its also inconvenient.

One of the most challenging aspects of property damage is filing the insurance claim. The insurance claim must be filled out thoroughly with the correct information so you receive full financial support from your insurance company. Most times, we see that homeowners and commercial property owners have difficulties filing claims because they don't know all the details for restoration work or the documents required.

This is just one reason why United Drying strives to make things easier for you with our insurance claims assistance. Not only do we provide comprehensive water damage and fire damage restoration, but we also understand the standard rules and regulations for proper insurance claims.

United Can Help with Insurance Claims

At United Drying, we understand the importance of getting your insurance claim right the first time. We will do everything we can to properly file your insurance claim on your behalf in a timely, efficient manner to get you the maximum payout provided by the terms of your policy.

Letting us handle this task gives you more time to focus on more pressing matters such as your property damage and restoration work. When you let us file your insurance claim, you can expect us to:

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  • Determine the cause and source of the disaster
  • Document the extent of damage with photos and videos
  • Keep a detailed inventory of items that are damaged or lost
  • Review current insurance policies
  • Provide a detailed estimate of damages to your insurance provider

Once we finalize the information with all the details of the damage and restoration work, we'll send your insurance claim directly to your insurance provider. We work directly with your claims adjuster to make sure the claim is processed properly to restore your Colorado property.

Count on United Drying to Take the Headache out of Your Insurance Claims

Every disaster involves a lot of paperwork to get your insurance claim processed properly so that you can be fully compensated for your loss. It can be a time-consuming, mind-boggling task. To cut through the red tape and eliminate the headaches involved with insurance claims, contact us online or give us a call at 970-315-4941. United Drying serves customers throughout Summit County, Colorado.

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  • Summit County Rotary Club
  • BBB Certified
  • Summit Foundation
  • Best of Summit County
  • IICRC Certified