Sewage Water Removal in Summit County, Colorado

Sewage Water Removal in Summit County, Colorado

Sewer backups that cause flooding in a home create a serious problem that requires your immediate attention. When sewer water enters your home, you face more than just water damage. Harmful bacteria in the water can cause serious illnesses for residents.

When your home requires sewage removal because of a backed-up sewer system, just call United Drying. Our IICRC-certified crew can safely remove sewage water and debris from your flooded home and return your property in Summit County, CO to its original condition. For a customer-friendly price, our team will remove the water and decontaminate, deodorize, and thoroughly clean the area.

For more than a quarter-century, United Drying has created loyal customers in our local communities. We have earned an A-plus rating from BBB, the highest industry standard, and have been voted as a "Best of Summit" honoree for 15 years.

Types of Sewage Water

When sewer backups occur, your home may be flooded by one of three types of sewage water. These categories include:

Category 1: Clean Water

This water comes from a clean source, such as a pipe or water supply line, and contains no contaminants. While this water is clean, it can turn to a Category 2 or Category 3 situation if it is not removed immediately.

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Category 2: Gray Water

This water usually comes from clogged drains or toilets. Gray water can include toilet water with urine but no feces, as well as drain water from your dishwasher or washing machine. Category 2 water contains some bacteria and contaminants. If left unchecked, this may turn into a Category 3 problem.

Category 3: Black Water

This is the most dangerous type of sewage water. Category 3 water is highly contaminated and may cause severe illness to anyone exposed to it. Black water typically contains biological matter such as feces and dirt, microbes, and harmful debris from flooding streams or rivers.

Lean on the Experts from United Drying for Safe Sewage Water Removal

Don’t expose yourself and your family to the dangers that come with sewage water. In Summit County, CO, the company to call for safe sewage water remediation is United Drying. We can remove all types of water from your home safely and repair any damage that it creates. Our certified staff have the experience and equipment to meet your needs for sewage removal, dehumidification servicesbasement floodingmold remediation or anything else that might occur. When you need our services, give us a call at 970-315-4941 or simply hit this link to contact us online.


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